I love how God so wonderfully orchestrates things in our lives! Almost two years ago (August 2013), I witnessed a pretty ugly car accident, where a guy ran a red light and t-boned another. I stopped to make sure the victim was okay, and gave him my card, in case he needed a witness. More than six months later (after the case was settled), that victim's wife sought me out after finding my card, and wanted to thank me (her hubby was fine, by the way). Turns out AmyGrace is an awesome God's girl and we instantly became friends! I started attending a monthly ladies prayer group at AmyGrace's home, where I met sweet Cindy. Cindy and I found out we had soooooo many things in common that we just had to laugh about it. I adored her! Awhile later, God gave me Steel Grace and Cindy's husband, Brandon, is now my drummer! I've just fallen in love with this family -- almost feel like Brandon is becoming a second son to me (and yes - I am old enough to be his mama! LOL.). I just love how God sees our future and fits all the puzzle pieces together juuuuuuuust right. He's so awesome like that!

Cindy, Ashlyn, Brandon & Taylor

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