Letting Go (but just for a little while!)

We were going over some new songs tonight at praise & worship practice, when I got the shocking text from a dear friend: “Mom had heart attack. More shortly. Please pray.” Gene and I were long-time friends from high school. Forty-five minutes later, another text: “Mom didn’t make it.” My heart just broke for him. I knew the ache in one’s soul all too well, since I’d lost my precious daddy to a sudden heart attack a little less than five years ago. A little while later, a third text: “Praise God, she is with Jesus.” YES!

I’ve often wondered how people deal with such an intense loss if they don’t have a personal relationship with Jesus. How do they handle the realization that they really won’t see that person they care so much about, ever again? I just can’t imagine!!! When we lost Dad on December 19, 2005, our world just seemed to crumble. I use the word seemed, because of course, we continued on with our daily “normal” lives. We wouldn’t have been able to do that, though, had it not been for the Holy Spirit carrying us through it. He does that, ya know. We’re just humans. Flesh and blood. It’s only in HIS strength that we can do what we wouldn’t otherwise be able to do. I continue with “life as we know it” every day – laundry, traffic, the dog, etc. – because I know that one day I’ll see Jesus, and my daddy will be standing right behind Him, with the biggest grin on his face and the tightest hug, and I’ll hear him whisper in my ear again, “Hey, baby girl.”

I sure hope you know Jesus. If you don’t, you should give it some serious thought (and quick – ‘cause when He’s ready to come back, He’s not giving a heads up!) – even if you’re sitting there in your ratty old pajamas, reading this.

This is a REALLY simple prayer I recently lead a friend through. Feel free to make it your own:

Lord Jesus, thank You for loving me more than anyone has EVER loved me before, or ever will!!! Lord, I want to follow You, to learn more about You, and to love You. You know my heart and the things I’ve struggled with, and I'm asking You please to forgive me of my sin, come into my heart, and increase my faith! Help me to understand those things that I don't, and to trust You. Thank you in advance for this incredible journey I'm stepping into. Help me to love You -- to learn to love You. Make Yourself real to me. In Your name I pray -- AMEN!!!

I’d love to hear from you. I’m praying for You.

In His freedom –
donna leigh
This entry is dedicated to Mrs. Kathryn Hedge,
who went to be with Jesus on Oct. 18, 2010,
and who I look forward to seeing one day!

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