I've always been one who boldly says, "I don't walk in fear". But if I'm REALLY honest, there are just a few things that make me shake in my boots: 1) Snakes; 2) The possibility of getting stuck on railroad tracks with a train coming; and 3) The thought of falling off a bridge into deep bodies of water (okay, so I've watched one too many movies!!!).

My calling is that of a contemporary gospel singer - but I also have a "day job" that takes me 22 miles from home each day. This includes crossing Lake Jessup, which is a mile-and-a-half wide, twice a day. Oh, and did I mention this lake is known for having more alligators than any other lake in Florida?!  =P 

A couple of months into this daily drive, the anxiety subsided and I began to actually enjoy glancing over at the water each day as I cruised across. I've been driving this route for almost two years now. Then today - the fear returned.   

Tropical Storm Colin is in the Gulf of Mexico and, as a result, we're getting some pretty hefty winds and heavy rains here in Central Florida. I was on my way home from work and a couple of miles before approaching "the bridge", the thought suddenly popped into my head: "These winds are crazy. The rain is so thick I can barely see the car in front of me. WHAT IF a tornado hits, just as I'm crossing the bridge, and blows me into the water?!"   

And then I remembered 2 Timothy 1:7 -- "For God has not given ME the spirit of fear - but of power, love and a sound mind!" I turned up the worship music and started singing along. Before I knew it, the fear was gone (take THAT, devil!) and I was home. 

I'm so grateful for God's promises, and for His Word that I can hide in my heart! Be bold, saints! His angels are standing guard for you! <3

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