If you're plugged into a church family (and I hope you are!), I KNOW you're praying for your Pastors (right?!) -- but don't forget to also pray for your Worship Leaders!  Most people think the only thing there is to leading worship is walking onto the platform, taking a mic in your hand, standing in front and singing the loudest.  Ha!!!  Well, let me just tell you -- there is sooooooo much more to it!  

Although I've been singing for more than four decades, I've only been singing on worship teams for less than half of those years.  Once in awhile, I've had the opportunity to be a guest Worship Leader (when a church's WL was on vacation or had the flu), but this summer, the Lord has just flung open the doors of opportunity for me in this area.  It's been scary, but it's been EXCITING!  In June, I stepped in for five weeks at my home church, to give my Worship Leader (who is also my friend/pastor's wife) a MUCH needed break.  A couple of weeks after that, I was asked to lead worship at another church for six weeks (thankfully, I have pastors who realize God's calling on my life and never try to stand in the way of it!).  

I can tell you that I absolutely LOVE leading God's people into His presence through worship . . . but it ain't easy, people!!!  What you see on any given Sunday morning is someone who has spent HOURS preparing set lists, securing musicians, downloading and distributing chord charts, printing extra chord charts (for those musicians who will undoubtedly forget to bring their's with them), preparing overhead lyrics for the congregation (and possibly learning a whole new software program to do so, if you're guest leading at a place that has different software than what you're used to), finding replacements when musicians can't make it at the last minute, and praying -- LOTS and LOTS of praying!!!  

Do Worship Leaders begrudge this responsibility?  I can only speak for those I know (and they are plenty), and the answer is an overwhelming "absolutely NOT!"  Worship Leaders are a breed of people, like most in ministry, who don't just choose to do what they do -- they're CALLED to do it.  And because of that calling -- when they walk onto that platform, take the mic in their hand, stand in front and sing the loudest -- they experience an immeasurable level of JOY that makes it all worthwhile -- because they know that the Father dwells (lives in) the praises of His people!!! 

So the next time you see your Worship Leader -- give 'em a little extra measure of love and let them know how much you appreciate them.  I guarantee, it'll make 'em smile!  <3


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